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ProMaster  2500EDF Digital Electronic Flash - For Olympus/Panasonic #4533  

Main specs

Guide Number:  66' at ISO 100

Bounce Angle:  +90 / 0 vertical

Dimensions:  not rated


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ProMaster-2500EDF Digital Electronic Flash - For Olympus/Panasonic #4533-Flashes and Speedlights



not rated


not rated

Power Source

2 x AA size batteries

Type of Unit

Flash / Speedlight


Notable Features

The PROMASTER 2500 EDF is a perfect flash for first-time SLR users or for high-end point and shoots that feature a flash shoe. Like other EDF models, the 2500 EDF is fully reprogrammable to ensure that it remains compatible with the latest flash technology.

  • AF illuminator for autofocus
  • Full Digital auto TTL dedication
  • Flash uprgadeable by your PROMSTER dealer

Exposure / Flash Control

TTL auto

Guide Number

66' at ISO 100

Angle of Coverage

Angle of Coverage: 60° H 45° V
Covers 35mm lens on 35mm camera or 21mm lens on digital focus SLR.

Bounce Angle

+90 / 0 vertical

Shooting Distance (Zoom Range)

4.9 – 33' in TTL auto ragne

Recycling Time

between 0.3 and 10 s

Battery Life

not specified

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