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Hoodman  Hoodeye for the HoodLoupe tm Professional  

Main specs

Brand:  Hoodman

Type of Accessory:  Viewing Accessory


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Hoodman-Hoodeye for the HoodLoupe tm Professional-Miscellaneous Camera Accessories


Type of Accessory

Viewing Accessory


Hoodloupe tm Professional is worn around your neck just like a normal loupe. When it is time to review your shot; bring Hoodloupe tm up to your image and place your eye up to the eye cup for complete glare free viewing. Hoodloupe tm has a +-3 diopter to accommodate those with less than perfect vision. Hoodloupe tm adjusts focus just like a binocular eye piece... you turn the eye piece in or out to set for your vision. Minimal magnification is used to eliminate visual pixilation of your image. Each Hoodloupe tm is encased in a user friendly rubber for comfort and protection from bumps that will occur throughout your shoot. Comfortable lanyard and compact protective storage case included. Fits up to 2.75 inch LCD screens.


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