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Giottos  MH1000-300 Pro Series 1 Ball Head  

Main specs

Type:  Ball Head

Maximum Load (kg):  10.0 kg

Panning Range (degrees):  360°


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Giottos-MH1000-300 Pro Series 1 Ball Head-Tripod Heads
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Ball Head

Height (cm)

11.3 cm

Weight (kg)

0.57 kg

Tilting Range (degrees)

+90°/-90° (lateral)

Panning Range (degrees)


Plate Type

fixed with 1/4'' and 3/8'' screws

Additional Features

Giotto's new ball head series features light and extra large ball with ball hollowed structure. The slim and light body structure with hardness strengthened.

We designed a series of camera mount edges to prevent camera slippage when not needed.

Head mount thread type

dual 1/4" - 20 and 3/8"

Maximum Load (kg)

10.0 kg


not specified

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