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 This Month's Newsletter


Neptune Photo Newsletter


February 2020 Volume 97
by Steve Zimic




Fuji XC 35mm F2.0

Fuji has released this new less expensive version compared to the WR version. The optics are exactly the same as the more expensive version, however the lens body and mount are plastic. Also the lens is not weather proof and no hood is supplied with the lens. The aperture is controlled strictly via the camera’s dial since no aperture ring is included. At $199 it’s half the price of the WR version, so you can have an affordable 50mm equivalent on your X series camera. The lens should be available by the end of this month.





Fuji X-T200

This latest entry level camera pretty much replaces the X-T100. The fully articulated display goes from 3” to 3.5” and the camera now has some semblance of a grip. The sensor is still 24MP but has a much faster readout along with an improvement in the maximum ISO to 25,600. There’s a pretty significant improvement to the AF with more AF points now covering the entire frame rather than just the center, as on the X-T100. The 4K video goes from a paltry 15P to 24P - much more usable. The camera will be available later this month for $700 or $800 with the XC 15-45mm PZ lens. More info on Fuji’s website.






It appears that Nikon has merged the D750 with the mirrorless Z6 in creating this new camera along with some features from the D5 and D850. The 24MP full frame sensor has 273 phase detect AF points when used in live view. Using the optical viewfinder you’ll get 51 AF points along with the same metering sensor as found on the D5. The whole live view experience is pretty much identical to the Z6. The live view frame rate using the electronic shutter maxes out at 12 FPS, while the mechanical shutter in live view drops to 3 FPS - that pesky mirror. The LCD is now touch sensitive allowing focus point selection as well as menu navigation. The mechanical shutter has been improved over the D750, now topping out at 1/8000. Nikon has giveth and taketh away by adding an AF on button and removing the flash. The focus stacking feature found on the D850 has been added allowing up to 300 individually focused images. Not sure of the logic behind having no optional battery grip, like there is for the D750. As a result you’ll be limited to only one battery at a time, although they have added USB charging. Whether or not you can power the camera via USB while it’s operating is yet to be determined. In any event you’ll need to buy the optional EH-7P cable to charge the battery in camera via USB. The camera is available now for $2299. More details can be found on Nikon’s website.



Firmware Updates


Fuji X-Pro3 - version 1.03 - Fixes a problem where the camera could freeze.


Fuji X-T3 - version 3.20 - Several improvements to AF, including better face detection and focusing on foreground subjects. The number of images that can be stored in a folder increases from 999 to 9,999.


Canon RF 70-200/2.8 - version 1.06 - Fixes a front focusing issue.



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